AT&T Smartphone Security Service in 2012

As we learned in my previous blog item, Android malware is on the rise. So, what are we supposed to do about this?

Android Malware Seeing Huge Increases: Malware Generated Status Updates Soon?

Well, if you are AT&T, your plan is to create a profit center.

AT&T plans consumer security service for 2012

AT&T plans to sell security services to consumers in, probably, a manner similar to the business security service they already have in place. AT&T’s John Stankey notes that the reluctance to pay will probably change in the coming year as consumers become more aware of security threats. The question is who are these consumers? iPhone users will probably turn to Apple and not the mobile carrier. The same is true for Windows Phone, webOS and BlackBerry OS. The most likely consumer platform also has the largest marketshare and a known malware issue: Google’s Android.