AT&T Shatters Earnings Records

RCR Wireless News is reporting that AT&T Mobility’s third-quarter results break its own previous records. “The carrier added more customers in one quarter than it ever has before. AT&T Mobility reported 1.7 million net subscriber additions, a 40% increase from third-quarter 2007.”

Most of this is due to iPhone 3G activations, 40 percent of which were new subscriber additions. Fully two-thirds of the carrier’s net adds came from customers choosing integrated devices like the iPhone.

The report said that total monthly subscriber churn stayed at 1.7 percent, while postpaid churn fell a bit to 1.2 percent compared to the same period last year. Significantly, data revenues are also up—a direct result of the carrier selling more mobile media-capable devices with unlimited data plans. Just steer clear of that pesky, ill-conceived “Online Experience” Mobility store and you’ll be fine.

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