AT&T Expands Connected Devices

Almost 3.4 million connected devices have been added to AT&T‘s network in the past three quarters, bringing the total number of connected devices on the AT&T network to almost 6.7 million.
AT&T powers Kindle 2s and Apple iPad and iPhones, some of the most popular eReaders. AT&T also reported that they have certified more than 850 specialty consumer and machine-to-machine devices for use on its wireless network. This includes eReaders, netbooks, digital photo frames and personal navigation devices.
To respond to the growth in the wireless market, AT&T recently formed the Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions Group. This organization creates mobile applications and tools for both traditional and emerging devices to businesses.
This year AT&T plans to expand its support to more tablets through a partnership with OpenPeak. OpenPeak has selected AT&T as the wireless carrier for its upcoming OpenTable multipurpose computing tablet.
Via Publisher’s Lunch.