Atlantic Blogger Slams Frank Rich’s Son

rich_071707.jpgSimon Rich: Actually Popular In High School

In reply to a recent piece by Simon Rich (a.k.a Frank Rich‘ son) in the New Yorker, with some pretty self-deprecating humor, The Atlantic‘s Matthew Yglesias had this to share:

“Okay, this is pretty funny, but my high-school had mixed-grade homerooms and when I was eighteen and Simon Rich was fifteen we were both in Mr. Young’s homeroom and he really wasn’t the “sitting silently in the corner” type. I distinctly recall him showing off his juggling moves.”

If you were ever wondering what goes on at The Alantic‘s blogs, there you have it: Dalton nostalgia, undiluted.

The young Rich, by the way, is said to be joining the writing staff at SNL.