At Over $5k an Episode, Those Are Some Expensive ‘Friends’

Who knew that downloading some free sitcom episodes to a mobile phone could end up costing way more than a rent-controlled New York City apartment and a cappuccino at Central Perk? A businessman in the UK got a cell phone bill for 11,000 pounds (about $21,800) after his wife downloaded four free “Friends” episodes to the phone, taking advantage of the couple’s “unlimited” broadband service, Pocket-lint reports.

Turns out, the businessman took the phone with him on a trip to Germany while the downloads, which reportedly took about 12 hours, were still in progress. And the unlimited broadband package is only unlimited in the UK, so he started racking up some serious roaming charges once the download automatically restarted while he was in Germany.

According to the report, Vodafone, the man’s wireless carrier, warns its customers that they can be subject to hefty charges if they use the phone outside the UK and warns them when they hit a certain threshold. However, it seems that they’re not always contacted in a timely manner when traveling out of the country. But isn’t that when they need the info the most?