At Long Last, Metal and Mariachi Become One

Sometimes something will come along that you’ve always been waiting for without even knowing how much you wanted it. This is the case with Metalachi, a Los Angeles based group that takes two great flavours — metal and mariachi music — and swirls them together into the sonic equivalent of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. If the idea of this combination — viheulas, trumpets and acoustic guitars rocking out hits from acts like Black Sabbath — brings a smile to your face then you’re the ideal target for Metalachi’s current Kickstarter campaign.

Metalachi are kind of a joke — but they’re the sort of joke that makes people happy.  And that’s exactly the angle the group is going for as they now attempt to garner some support for the recording of their debut album and accompanying tour. Aside from some of the faux-philosophizing going on over at the band’s Kickstarter page (consider: “We believe that just a few notes from your favorite song can transcend all that is wrong, unjust and unfair in this world and make us all realize that we really are all brothers and sisters living on this giant rock we call earth.”) the bottom line of the act’s approach is solid — laughing is good and blending up metal and mariachi is super entertaining.

Despite the fact that Metalachi is completely aware of their own silliness, they’re dead serious about growing their experiment into something more. In order to do this they’re looking to tackle the hard (and sometimes expensive) work of completing a full-length album that they can then support on a tour of their neighboring states. The band is planning to call upon the assistance of friend, Robert Sarzo (a member of Hurricane and Ozzy Osbourne), in engineering and producing the record but are also seeking help from their potential fanbase in paying for studio time, reproduction costs and more.

The money raised through Kickstarter goes toward getting Metalachi down on tape and on the road, as stated above. An approximation of the cost breakdown (in full detail!) is provided on Kickstarter but, summed up, will be used for recording the album itself, creating album/promo art, mastering the finished product and financing a ten city tour that will take the band through California and Nevada. Metalachi are paying part of the cost out of their own pockets but need a bit of a boost if they’re going to follow through of their quest to spread the joy of their metal/mariachi hybrid.

Metalachi have set up a decent array of prizes for their supporters. The rewards on offer range from the extremely modest (a pack of gum and autographed band photo) to the more extravagent (VIP tickets to a Metalachi show and even a private, home performance for serious pledgers).

Listen to Metalachi for yourself (that’s definitely something worth doing) by heading over to their YouTube channel. Otherwise, show your support through the band’s official website, Facebook or Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter campaign comes to a close on Friday, September 16th at 9.22pm EST and will be funded if a total of $6,500 is raised on time.