At $679,000 a day, Google Play makes an eighth of iOS App Store’s $5.41M daily revenue

A new study from CSS Insight and Distimo is reporting Google’s app store Google Play brings in just one eighth of the daily revenue that Apple’s iTunes App Store does.

According to the new App Vu Global report, in January 2012, the top 200 highest grossing iPhone applications generated an average of $3.34 million in daily sales. The top 200 grossing iPad applications daily sales were not far behind, earning an average of $2.07 million.  Combined, Apple’s App store earned at least $5.41 million a day in January, with Apple itself taking about $1.6 million of that. By comparison, the Android Market (now renamed Google Play) registered average daily revenues of $679,000 for the top 200 highest grossing smartphone and tablet apps in the same period.

In January, Apple reported the iTunes App Store contained more than 170,000 iPad apps and 550,000 thousand apps in total. Google Play passed the 400,000 app mark in the same month.

In-app purchases accounted for the majority of revenue in both stores, accounting for 60 percent of total app revenues in January. Sales also increased month-over-month for both stores, despite January’s reputation as a slow time for consumer purchases.

Overall, the report is both good and bad for Google. While Android appears to be lagging far behind Apple in terms of delivering developer revenue, Google Play recorded a 31 percent rise in daily revenues in January. However, with in-app purchases credited to much of the growth in both app stores, Google’s difficulty to monetize through in-app purchases — Android still delivers less than a quarter of the revenues through in-app purchases than iOS does — means the service will likely lag behind iOS for a long time to come.

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