Asus eeePad Transformer Prime Sleeve Caught on Film

A couple days ago Asus posted the demo video above. It shows a new cover that Asus will sell for the new eeePad. It’s not quite as sophisticated as the cover on the iPad 2, which was its inspiration, but it does show a clever design. If you fold the cover in the right places then you can use it as a stand.

Asus’ next Android tablet isn’t due to ship until next week, but a fair amount has already been said about it, both by the company and by reviewers.

I have to say that I don’t think this cover offers enough protection. Yes, it does protect the 10″ IPS screen, but it leaves the back side and edges exposed. They could get scraped or banged up. It also looks rather flimsy, considering that it’s going to sell for about €39 / $39.

If you’re having trouble seeing the video, you can also see it on Facebook. And if you’re just learning about the new eeePad, here’s a hands on review video that you might be interested in.

Asus Taiwan
via The Verge