Asus Eee PC 900/1000 Family BIOS Update: 5th Update in 2009

Never let it be said that Asus is ignoring the BIOS in their Eee PC netbook model. noted that the Italian site found a new BIOS update for the Eee PC 900 and 1000 netbook models…

Asus Release BIOS update for Eee PC

So, I popped over to Asus’ support area…

Asus Support

…and went through their menu selection system to look at the BIOS history for the 1000HA netbook model I’ve been using since January. I recall updating its BIOS from 1206 to 1305 after receiving it and just before replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 Beta (which has since been replace by Windows 7 RC). There’s been a couple of BIOS updates since then. Here’s a summary of the BIOS releases and each one’s main purpose:

BIOS 1501: Improve WIFI performance under battery mode
BIOS 1803: 1. Update EC Firmware 2. Update thermal policy
BIOS 1902: Set all onboard device default as “enable”
BIOS 2003: Set DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) size to the max 224MB

Prior to update 1902, Eee PC BIOS updates resulted in WiFi being turned off at the BIOS level. So, this update will probably reduce a lot of headscratching by people wondering why Windows or Linux can’t find a WiFi radio after a BIOS update.

FYI: The BIOS update download doesn’t includes a firmware flashing app. And, the Eee PC 1000 does not have Asus’ BIOS flash built into the low-level setup routines. So, you (like me) may need to go find Asus’ Windows or DOS firmware flashing utility if you wiped out Windows XP (which when provided by Asus includes a flashing utility) and replace it with Windows 7.