Astronaut Chris Hadfield Wins PR Award for Being Awesome

20140306_C9610_PHOTO_EN_37641We generally don’t post on awards announcements here at PRNewser because 1) we don’t have the resources to give out our own awards and 2) that’s kind of your job.

In this case, however, we will make an exception because Chris Hadfield is the world’s coolest astronaut (apologies to Sandra Bullock).

The Canadian Public Relations Society gave its President’s Award for Outstanding Public Relations and Communications Management to former-Commander-now-Colonel Hadfield yesterday. Why?

For bringing media attention to the Canadian Space Agency and the International Space Station, of course.

National President Richard Truscott, APR, said:

“Chris was the face of not only the Canadian space program, but of the world’s collaborative mission while he commanded the International Space Station…[he was] was able to communicate with the people of the world, inspire the next generation of astronauts and scientists, and engage everyone in the conversation about space and Earth.

Stunning photographs, viral videos and live feeds with classrooms full of wide-eyed students helped remind global citizens about the world in which they live.”

Unlike everything that occurs in space, these things don’t happen in a vacuum: the comms team behind the Canadian Space Agency will give a keynote address at the coming CPRS Conference. We’d love to hear the story behind tweets like this one:

In a perfect world, Hadfield would share this award with Neil deGrasse Tyson. But he’s not Canadian.

[Pic via Jodi Oosterlee Photography/CPRS]

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