General Electric Creates Apollo-Inspired Sneakers

Astronaut chic for aspiring moon walkers

Would you wear moon boots? General Electric teamed up with the online shop JackThreads and designer Android Homme to build a high-top sneaker based on the lunar footwear worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin 45 years ago this week.

GE contributed the industrial materials for the original moon boots and now has a marketing campaign tied to commemorate the historic event (Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface on July 21, 1969). JackThreads and its parent Thrillist Media Group partnered with GE to sell the sneakers that will cost about $200 and run in a limited edition.

It's definitely a case of where marketing meets fashion. GE launched a Snapchat account this week to start teasing its new sneaker.

They even got Aldrin to endorse the shoe.

"We wanted to make something cool and hip—something for young aspiring astronauts like the next Neil Armstrong," said Sam Olstein, GE's global director of innovation.

For a company known for building jet engines, GE takes social media marketing pretty seriously. It has a sizable presence on platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Vine.

Also, GE worked with Thrillist Media Group on dedicated microsite for the anniversary of the moon landing. Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer said the sneaker promotion is a case of combining digital and real-world marketing.

"This really speaks to a different kind of ad product," Lerer said. "This is an evolution of branded content. It's physical branded content."