Astro Boy Dash zooms up free-to-play charts

Image via Animoca
Image via Animoca

Animoca, the Honk Kong based developer behind Robo5 and Star Girl, launched Astro Boy Dash this week, and in a matter of days, the game has already skyrocketed to #6 on Google Play’s Top New Free Apps and #42 on Google Play’s Top Free overall.

And while the game might just seem like the latest in a long line of endless runners, the key to the title’s success is the iconic robot fans are making sprint, slide, and jump around the 3-D universe in hopes of rescuing Astro Boy’s robotic sister, Uran (Astro Girl).

For those unfamiliar with the characters, Astro Boy first debuted in 1952, starring in a series of manga comics before really catching pop-culture fire in 1963 when he starred in his own animated television series, a series that is now credited as helping pioneer the art style that eventually became known as anime. Since then, the popular robot has starred in numerous comic books, video games and feature films, and judging by the immediate response to Dash, shows no signs of slowing down.

Throughout the new mobile title, gamers tilt devices right and left to move Astro Boy, while swiping the screen up and down to make him jump and dive, all while trying to avoid obstacles and collect coins that can then be cashed in to purchase new outfits and other various upgrades.

The game is free-to-play and available on Google Play, with iOS versions also in development.

But the Astro Boy love doesn’t end there, as Animoca is also working on additional Astro Boy titles, including an action puzzle game entitled Astro Boy Defense, and even a children’s edutainment app, Astro Boy Piano.