#AskObama Town Hall Wrap-Up: 119K Questions, 26K Participants, 19 Answers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Obama took to Twitter on Wednesday to answer Americans’ questions about jobs and the economy, in what was the first-ever White House Twitter Town Hall. Now that it’s over, how did Obama do in answering the questions most important to the nation?

Twitter dashboard providers Twitsprout has put together a slick infographic that digs deep into the questions asked, the answers given, and just how effective this Twitter Town Hall really was.

There were more than 119,000 questions asked of Obama leading up to the Town Hall, and Twitsprout discovered that 40,000 of these questions were unique. They estimated that, at an average time of 3.3 minutes per question, it would take Obama 3 months to answer every single unique question tweeted by America… without taking a break to eat or sleep.

Twitsprout broke down the questions that Obama chose to answer by the number of retweets they received, and the Klout score of the original tweeter. From what I can tell, Obama didn’t choose the questions based on the number of retweets they received (which ranged from 0 to 508) nor the Klout score of the tweeters (which ranged from 10 to 78).

Nor did Obama answer questions in proportion to how many people asked a question in a particular category. For instance, the infographic shows that 12% of tweets (4,911) were related to marijuana but Obama spent just 20 seconds addressing the topic. Meanwhile, fewer than 1% of tweets (127) were about the space program, but Obama spent 2.5 minutes addressing it.

The infographic also includes a word cloud of the most common words that Obama used in his answers, how many questions were tweeted by the hour, what types of Klout personas got the most attention, and plenty of other insight into the Twitter Town Hall. Check it out below, and visit the Twitsprout blog for even more analysis. Or, you can view the official Twitter slideshow of the event and dig into some other stats in our blog post on the event here.