Asda Direct Sells £52 eReader In The UK

eReading just got cheaper in the UK. Asda Direct is selling the View Quest Mediabox tablet for £52, or about $84. That is less than the £152 Kindle 3 that Amazon sells in the UK.

Internet Retailing has more: “Asda is hailing the device as a ‘mobile library’, claiming it will help ‘support bookworms amid mounting public concerns about potential library closures’. The supermarket chain is encouraging readers to download out-of-copyright e-books for free from the Project Gutenberg website.” At only about £1 a week, this eReader is showing that the high cost of entry for eBooks is going away.

In the U.S., Amazon has three eReaders for $90 –the Augen 7-inch eReader, the Skytext 7-inch color eReader and the Ectacto Jetbook lite eReader. Borders sells the Kobo Wireless eReader for $99.