Arms Cartel From Pixel Addicts Shows That Crime Does Pay on iOS

Inspired by Mafia Wars and other turn-based crime syndicate simulations, free-to-play title Arms Cartel perhaps has the most in common with LVL6’s Mercenary, Inc., another title in this genre we recently covered on Inside Mobile Apps. This is especially noteworthy because Pixel Addicts, this game’s developer, was formed by Rangel Spasov, who co-founded install network G6Pay with LVL6 founder Alex Weston Lin.

Much like in Mercenary, Inc., the gameplay in Arms Cartel starts out by having the player select which class of character they’d like to be. Moguls accumulate wealth faster, Gunners attacks enemies quicker, and Traffickers complete jobs faster. No matter which class of character players choose to be, the fundamental gameplay underpinnings remain unchanged.

Players amass wealth by performing Jobs. They’re accomplished by visiting one of the available global regions and tapping on jobs that are within the player’s skill level. Most require that players perform the same job several times in order to fully master them. Mastering them rewards the player with bonus experience points and gold, the premium currency. Once players have gained a high enough level, they can access more advanced jobs. Jobs also reward players with money and items such as weapons. Performing jobs drains the player’s energy, which will replenish automatically over time, or can be instantly refilled should the player choose to spend premium currency. Unlike Mercenary, Inc., this game enables players to build structures within the city in order to generate additional wealth.

It’s also possible for players to battle one another asynchronously over the network. In order to do so, players must monitor their attack and defense power and ensure that they’re powerful enough to perform and survive attacks. In order to prepare, they can purchase weapons, armor and vehicles from the game’s shop. Weapons increase attack power while armor boosts their defense. Vehicles help with both. These items can be purchased using a mix of soft and premium currency. Players can also add others to their cartel in order to earn attack and defense bonuses. Health and stamina levels also attribute to potential success in player versus player situations.

Pixel Addicts is monetizing the game through the spending of real money for in-app purchases of gold and cash. Gold can be used to buy premium items, along with energy, health, and stamina refills, while cash is spent on the remainder of available content. The game is designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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