Armor Games’ latest challenges players to Follow the Rabbit

Follow the Rabbit is a new iOS game published by Armor Games and developed by Chilean company Gamaga. It’s a platform puzzle adventure that challenges players to negotiate a series of increasingly-difficult obstacles in order to chase down the titular long-eared one.

Follow the Rabbit’s base mechanics involve using swipe gestures to move the nameless player character left and right and jumping straight upwards. It’s not possible to jump sideways, meaning the player can easily get “stuck” without careful planning. In each level, the player is required, as a bare minimum, to follow the eponymous rabbit through a door. Three coins are scattered through each level, though, and to unlock later “worlds” the player is required to collect as many of these as possible.

Items in the levels that help or hinder the protagonist include angry villagers, who kill the player on touch; blocks which can be pushed left and right or off edges; balloons which cause either the protagonist or a rock to float upwards until the balloon is popped with a tap; and floating clouds which can be used as moving platforms. Some levels also increase their complexity by introducing a “clone” character who moves at the same time as the normal protagonist. Both incarnations of the player character must be kept alive and sent through the doors in order to pass the level.

Follow the Rabbit features no additional monetization aside from the initial $0.99 cost of entry. Players who find themselves stuck on a specific level may skip it at any time without penalty (or cost) and move on to the next one, allowing for constant progress. This does initially appear to somewhat undermine the game’s system of “locking” levels, but eventually players will hit a wall and have to tackle levels they’ve been struggling with. While individual levels may be skipped as much as players please, each subsequent world requires a certain number of coins to have been collected before it unlocks, and there are no in-app purchases allowing players to skip this particular requirement.

Follow the Rabbit also lacks any form of social play whatsoever. This isn’t a big problem, as the game is a solitary, cerebral experience rather than a highly competitive one, but the addition of Game Center leaderboards and achievements certainly wouldn’t hurt from a viral promotion perspective.

Gamaga and Armor Games have put together a good-quality mobile game here. It gets the balance just right between levels that are quick to play on a one-off basis and enough content to keep players busy for a few hours at least. There will doubtless be App Store reviewers who complain that the game is too short because they played it through in a single sitting — there always are — but Gamaga appears to have plans in place for gradual expansion of the game over time through updates. The current “coming soon” door on the game’s main menu invites players to “tap to inspire us” — doing so offers the player the opportunity to review the game. This is a much less obtrusive invitation to review the game than the obtrusive popups and bribes that other apps tend to offer these days, and will hopefully lead to some more honest feedback for the developer rather than players just posting a review in order to get free in-game items or currency.

Follow the Rabbit is out today as a Universal download for iPhone and iPad. As a new title, the game is not yet listed on our tracking service AppData, but check back shortly to follow its progress through the App Store charts.