Arkadium’s Twisty Hollow Spins onto iOS

Twisty HollowSocial and mobile games company Arkadium has announced the launch of its premium puzzle game, Twisty Hollow, on iOS devices. The game asks players to line up symbol on rotatable discs, lining up workers with the proper tools and resources to create items (think crafting recipes), which are then sold to customers for a profit.

In each level of Twisty Hollow, players are challenged with serving a group of customers their desired items, like bacon and fish, in order to earn money and stars. Players have control over the three wheels on the board, which are each split into segments. Each segment may contain a different item, like a worker, tool or resource item. Players need to rotate each circle to create a line of the appropriate worker, tool and resource items to create the final crafted item.

For instance, if a customer wants a slice of bacon, users need to line up a butcher with a knife and a pig to receive the bacon. To earn a fish, meanwhile, users line up the fisherman, a fishing rod and a worm, and so on, completing different recipes as quickly as they can to earn money.Twisty HollowCustomers may leave if their demands aren’t met fast enough, and players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their performance. It’s possible to perform combos during levels, by completing two or more crafting recipes on the wheels at the same time. Players can also create items anytime they wish, without waiting for a customer to actually order the item in question.

Twisty Hollow offers 50 increasingly difficult levels at launch, which become more complicated with additional kinds of customers and recipes, like one for diamonds, for instance. In addition, some tools end up being used in multiple recipes, and earning stars may require more money per level. Users can retry stages to earn missed stars if they’d like to earn them all.

Twisty Hollow is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. Arkadium has previously found success with franchises like Mahjongg Dimensions, which has had games released on both Facebook and mobile platforms.