Arkadium’s Bubble Boo Now in Beta on Facebook

Bubble BooArkadium’s Bubble Boo has launched in beta on Facebook, challenging players to pop the bubbles surrounding critters called “Boos,” to free them before running out of shots. Each level has a different arrangement of bubbles to clear, and different kinds of Boos to free (usually) across multiple waves. These Boos have special abilities, including those that make levels more challenging, so gamers must free Boos as quickly as they can before things get out of hand.

In each level of Bubble Boo, players aim and shoot colored bubbles at large formations of bubbles at the top of the screen, with the goal of creating groups of three-or-more matching bubbles. Players can press the spacebar (or an on-screen button) to swap between two active bubbles in their cannon, and gamers earn bonus points if they clear a large group of bubbles in a single shot.

Levels become more challenging as players progress, with Boos that may add additional bubbles back to the board if they’re not cleared in a set number of shots, for instance. In addition, steel bubbles are introduced, which can’t be removed on their own, but must be removed by popping all of the bubbles holding them in the air. Frozen bubbles are cleared by making matches next to them, but actually result in more bubbles that must be removed, and so on.Bubble BooGamers eventually unlock helper, or “booster” Boos for their team. One offers an aiming trajectory line to players, for instance. These are premium items, which players receive in small quantities for free, but can also be purchased with premium currency (real money).

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, determined by the number of points they accumulate (leftover shots are turned into bonus points). Users can compare these scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards.

Bubble Boo is available to play for free, in beta, on Facebook. The game is regularly updated with additional levels, and Arkadium is in the process of adding new varieties of Boos to the game. The game’s Facebook fan page has additional details on these updates.