Are Zappos and Pinterest a Perfect Pair?

Shoe-seller/philosophy think tank/International House of Pancakes Zappos pioneered the concept of targeted ads, and they were one of the first companies whose ads would literally follow the user to other sites. Some found the practice to be slightly creepy, but it’s been incredibly successful for the guys in Vegas. They’re famous for their excellent customer service–so how might they customize the user experience even more?

Well, Zappos is great at making the most out of social media–for example, they earn an amazing $3.50 for every dollar they spend on Facebook ads. Clothing being a very visual field, Pinterest seemed a natural match—and now the shoe dudes have developed a new platform called PinPointing (check it out here) that uses pinners’ pages to recommend specific Zappos products.

While no official partnership exists between Pinterest and Zappos, the social media company did approve of the new platform. Based on the fact that users are considerably more likely to share recent clothing purchases on Pinterest than on Facebook or Twitter, we think it just might work–at least in achieving the Zappos goal of letting people know that its stockroom now holds much more than shoes.

We’re not quite sure how the underlying algorithms work, but we are intrigued. So tell us, social media fans: Do you share recent clothing purchases on Pinterest? Are you open to receiving Zappos suggestions based on your recent pinning history?