Are Your Facebook Fans More Likely To Buy Stuff From You?

A new study from Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate — presented by eMarketer — shows that all those Facebook fans brands are accumulating are more likely to buy stuff from or recommend the brand. Or does it?

51% of respondents said they are more likely to buy something for “many” or “a few” brands that they’ve become fans of on Facebook. However, 49% also said “no” or “I don’t know,” when asked if they are more likely to buy from a brand since becoming a fan.

The headline from eMarketer, “Social Fans More Likely to Buy” is a bit misleading. If you take away the 19% of respondents who said they are only likely to buy from “a few” brands of which they are Facebook fans, that leaves the breakdown at 32% who said they’d buy, versus 49% who said “no” or “I don’t know.”

AgencySpy has their own take on the survey.