Are Young Adults More Likely to Tap In-App Mobile Ads?

Harris Interactive conducted a survey on behalf of pontiflex to get people’s opinions of mobile ads.

Survey Finds Nearly Half of Mobile App Users Report Clicking on Mobile Ads by Mistake

One of the findings that gained traction was that 47% of those surveyed reported that they had selected a mobile ad in app by accident.

Via Pontiflex: About Half Of Mobile App Clicks Are Accidental

The problem is that we don’t know much about how Harris Interactive conducted the survey. Which mobile platforms were included? Are there differences in various categories like mobile platform type, age, gender, etc.? How often does this accidentfal ad selection occur? Rarely? Daily? Several times per day? Harris Interactive conducted the survey online. So, they have a self-selected group rather than a random or stratified random sample. We do learn a few things about the survey by some of the other findings.

– Age groups were considered: 61% of young adults (18-34) accidentally selects ads. They do this much more than the entire sample (47%)
– Income was a category: 96% of people with a household income (HHI) of $75K or more use free apps. This is no different than the 95% of the entire sample.

The reported data is interesting but does not appear rigrous enough to draw any strong conclusions.