Are You Ready for the State of the Union?

I’m all a-Twitter for tonight’s State of the Union address. Already, #SOTU is trending as media outlets and organizations prep for the big event. And, already, everyone is bemoaning, or planning drinking games, for the speech.

If you’re a cynic, it’s just more political theater. But if you, like me, are a political junkie, the State of the Union night is one whole awards season wrapped into an hour on C-Span. Provided Anonymous doesn’t hack the whole thing.

Like the Grammy’s or the Superbowl, I can’t wait to watch the event with the Twitter-verse. I won’t be sitting in a newsroom, but I’ll be trolling the #SOTU feed for my favorite journo friends’ take line-for-line.

I have a few favorites for tonight.

1. The Atlantic Wire

Call me old fashioned, but one tab I keep open for political theater is The Atlantic Wire’s live blogs. They usually come complete with quick analysis, the rare Gawker-style snark, and primed for social media GIFs.

2. Fact Checking 

After anything political, I like to spend the morning after over coffee at sites like and PolitiFact. I’m also partial to tweeting the Washington Post’s Fact Checker blog at #FactCheckThis.

3. #WHChat

I’m not into live streaming the address from the White House’s website, though the enhanced live-chat has piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to seeing how the post-address “Open for Questions Marathon” really pans out. People have been complaining for years that the format of the State of the Union is too one sided for the digital age, so the White House has planned a three-day open question period with scheduled policy experts this week. Tonight, instead of watching cable news re-run the whole speech, I’ll be perusing the official #WHChat feed to see if there’s any bite to the democratic bark.

Do you have any go-to favorite political junkies on Twitter prepped with one liners we should be following already? Is your organization planning on any fact checking initiatives? How do you plan to watch the speech – one screen or three? Share your addiction with me in the comments. You’re not alone.