Are You on the Twitter Blacklist?

Yesterday, news surfaced about the new Twitter Blacklist which lists out all of the spammers on the social networking site. That site is not related to Twitter and only has 329 spammers. Considering that there are millions of users on Twitter, I have a feeling that there are way more than 329 spammers.

Jesse Stay did some digging of his own and found out that Twitter will be completely removing spam accounts. They have their own internal list spammers and according to Twitter will completely block those accounts accordingly. Whether or not the company will be successful at banning spam accounts is a whole other question.

For those who thing Twitter spam is a big problem or run into issues with spammers on the site, Twitter has a highly active forum on Get Satisfaction. In there you can report any spammers and Twitter will quickly suspend those accounts. Have you run into a substantial amount of Twitter spam? Do you think this is a big issue for the site and is being followed by spammers really that big of a deal?

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