Are You Interested Returns As A Fastest Growing App

We've doubled the length of our list of the fastest growing applications to the 20 hottest options dominating our weekly growth leaderboard.

We’ve doubled the length of our list of the fastest growing applications to the 20 hottest options dominating our weekly growth leaderboard. Now if the trends you read about below whet your appetite for more data, be sure to check out our statistics tool for more. Let us know what you think of the expanded format in the comments section.

This Week’s Application Weekly Growth Leaderboard

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
2. Phrases2,322,22520,344,7581,996,743
3. Diamond Dash611,7572,547,8611,364,048
4. Are You Interested?1,065,25416,571,9441,307,159
5. Book List Challenges234,8851,355,4691,192,730
6. FarmVille13,088,66948,225,6701,125,572
7. Frases Diarias1,147,3227,955,9081,048,166
8. friend.ly617,2332,360,2511,043,679
9. Fun in your Name69,6361,708,206988,078
10. DTR Music143,8644,024,402887,138
11.Question Party255,9734,634,536835,786
12. Monster Galaxy646,2649,160,715797,216
13. Zoo World551,5317,535,326744,331
14. Daily Horoscope1,073,0154,931,493741,244
15. Yahoo!7,333,49412,988,494694,722
16. Birthday Cards487,3499,417,851649,026
17. La Verdad Incomoda124,1161,927,394615,930
18. Zombie Lane287,1081,292,333523,740
19. Video Galerisi172,363625,555519,645
20. PicBadge81,9562,289,614482,055

Single, looking to mingle: Although the total increases are slightly smaller this week, they’re still impressive: 3,791,907 people helped Badoo hold on to the top spot by a large margin. In this same genre, SNAP Interactive’s Are You Interested returns to our list this week after a long absence; 1,307,159 new users put the application in the fourth spot .

Favorite quotations: Though both aren’t necessarily accessible, two foreign quotation applications secured spots on this weeks countdown. Phrases, more recently made unavailable in the U.S., continues it success elsewhere; in the past seven days 1,996,743 lovers of the written word added the application. Coldteam’s spanish option Frases Diarias rests comfortably with a weekly growth increase totaling 1,048,166.

Hooked On Games: Diamond Dash tops all other gaming choices welcoming 1,364,048 new players. FarmVille rests comfortably in our top ten this week as 1,125,572 gamers migrated towards the Zynga hit.

Monster Galaxy leads the second half of list with 797,216 new players. RockYou’s Zoo World followed closely behind with a weekly growth increase of 744,331. Zombie Lane, developed by Digital Chocolate, makes its first appearance on the list this week with the help of 523,740 Facebook gamers.

Newcomers: Book List Challenges aims to tests out your love and knowledge of books; the page turning application nabbed 1,192,730 new users. Fun In Your Name is a simple application that provides amusement by offering tidbits about yourself that appear on the basis of the letters in your name. The application saw an increase of 988,078 throughout last week.

Have fun with your friends: holds on tight to maintain a high-ranking spot on the fastest growing list again; this week the application totaled a 1,043,679 weekly growth increase. RockYou’s Birthday Cards is useful to ensure you never forget the birthdays of those close to you; the app helped 649,026 people send virtual cards and gifts to loved ones across the social network.

Answer questions about your friends: The trend continues this week; Facebook users are still enjoying being asked and sharing those tough questions about their friends. Question Party leads the pack of choices this week as 835,786 users headed towards the quiz. A popular Spanish alternative La Verdad Incomoda totaled an increase of 615,930.

Throughout the rest of the list, you will find more scattered theme applications that finished strong once again this week. Popular FanBridge application DTR Music helped improve the social networking presence of 887,138 musicians. 741,244 fans of astrology helped Soft Relkam’s Daily Horoscope application land a comfortable spot on the countdown once again this week.

Some 694,722 people synched their Yahoo and Facebook accounts, giving the application a very notable week; 519,645 social networkers helped land Video Galerisi on the 19th spot this week. PicBadge rounds out the list this week as 482,055 people attached a various visual badges to their profiles.