Are You Drunk Enough to Join This ‘Niche Network?’

No, that’s not a trick question…or is it?

The almost-too-clever LIVR (as in “liver failure”) requires users to attach a breathalyzer to their smartphones—and only those with blood-alcohol levels above the legal limit may proceed.

Why would you want to join such a network? We’ll let its supposed creators (who do not in any way embody certain longstanding stereotypes) explain:

We can’t quite agree that “our best ideas are found at the bottom of a glass”, and we almost hope this app is a joke—the breathalyzer itself has us leaning toward “SXSW stunt pitch that worked.”

Bar recommendations are one thing, but does the world really need a crowdsourced guide to which pub’s patrons have imbibed the most on a particular evening, not to mention a Grindr-style feature allowing users to connect to fellow lushes who’ve had just a few too many?

We don’t know about you guys, but we find that the most effective tools for determining the relative drunkenness of other nightlifers are the two things we call eyes.

That said, we’ll be the first to tell you when some brilliant engineer develops a “drunk vision” feature for Google Glass.

[H/T Alex Goldman of the always-great On the Media]

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