Are “Fake” Journalists Trying to Crash Your Event?

When running the guest list for a popular or well-known event, chances are you’re going to get a few party crashers.

amNewYork looks into the increase of “fake journalists” attempting to gain access into “swanky events to get a taste of free food and drinks and hobnob with influential New Yorkers.”

Writes Marlene Naanes:

About 24 fake journalists tried to get into a recent gala to raise money for poor children this year, compared to the usual five or so, said Claudia Stepke, head of Claudia Stepke Associates, a public-relations firm. She figures the boom of posers partially could be due to the economy. “I was answering phones every 10 minutes,” she said.

For amNewYork, this issue hits close to home. A man named Robert Miller has continuosly tried to gain access to events, saying he works for the newspaper. He even created a phony amNewYork email address!