Are Facebook Friends Of Brands Likelier To Buy?

Mere friendship doesn't necessarily make someone likelier to buy, at least not all of the time.

Mere friendship doesn’t necessarily make fans likelier to buy.

Some 36 percent of people feel more inclined to purchase a particular brand’s product after forming a friendship with the entity on Facebook.

About 61 percent are just as likely to buy the product as they were before befriending the brand on Facebook, and three percent become less likely to make such a purchase.

These statistics count among the juiciest parts of eMarketer’sFacebook Marketing: Strategies for Turning Likes into Loyalty” report released this month.

The consultancy produced the pie chart below using findings from a fall survey by DDB WorldWide and OpinionWay.

The simplicity of Facebook’s like button doesn’t require people to engage with a brand after that first click, eMarketter explains.

So what does a brand need to do to put Facebook friends in more of a shopping mindset? Continue to market to these friends who’ve already clicked like.

As eMarketer says:

To be successful in this post-like phase of Facebook marketing, companies will need to excite their fanbase with compelling posts, interactions that spur a sense of community, and rewards for their ongoing support. Brands that do not make Facebook marketing a priority will risk seeing their hard-earned likes churn away.

What sorts of posts and interactions inspire you to engage with brands on Facebook, dear readers?