Are Basic Apps Like Calculator & Weather Really Missing from the iPad?

Yet another interesting piece of insight from John Gruber in his Daring Fireball blog…

iPhone Apps on the iPad

In it he cites Wired’s Brian Chen’s article that asks:

Will the iPad Be Missing a Few iPhone Apps?

Chen notes that several Apple provided apps on the iPhone are missing from the iPad: Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather, and Voice Memos.

What? Really? Not even a simple calculator? I went over to Apple’s iPad product page and watched the rotating set of images there.

If you sit watching long enough, you will see…

– New York Times app
– Email
— A sample email message
– Photo album
— A single photo in full screen viewing mode
– iTunes
– iBookstore

That’s it. Now, I’m not surprised that simple apps like the clock and calculator are not part of the rotating screen shots. But, I was surprised that there wasn’t a screenshot of the default apps. However, you can find it here in the iPad gallery…

In it, I see apps for:

– Calendar
– Contacts
– Notes
– Maps
– Videos
– YouTube
– iTunes
– App Store
– Settings

The static apps at the bottom of the screen are:

– Safari (web browser)
– Mail
– Photos
– iPod

So, yep, it looks like either the apps are actually not shipping with the iPad or they are hidden away on another apps page to make the background image look better.