Twitter’s Latest Aquihire To Focus On Wooing Third Party Developers

Third party app developers are ticked at Twitter lately – we all know that.

And lately, Twitter has been very visible, particularly its CEO, chatting up the Interwebs about how successful Twitter has become and its plans to continue on that path. And maybe (just . . . maybe) they’ve realized that being known as the place where developers should NOT innovate is not such a great rep to have long-term. Maybe.

Either way, they’ve aqui-hired a team to focus specifically on third party app developers, so that must be a good sign, right?

If you didn’t make it on to Twitter’s list of “certified products” and you’re a third party Twitter app developer, you might be feeling a bit unloved by the blue bird.

Well all that is about to change! Maybe!

Twitter just brought on the Cabana team to join Twitter’s platform team and “build tools to help third-party developers create new experiences on Twitter and empower the larger Twitter ecosystem.” They #JoinTheFlock on December 1.

What does/die Cabana do? According to its post announcing the merger, Cabana (as it previously existed) was all about “empowering people to develop interactive content in new and innovative ways.” And they found “that same passion for innovation and the democratization of content creation is also shared by the amazing team at Twitter.”

Over the past few months, we’ve gotten to know the Twitter team and discovered the tremendous amount of technological synergy and alignment of our visions. The more we explored this synergy, the more excited we became about joining forces and working together.

So watch for some potentially developer-friendly changes after December 1! Are you excited about the possibilities?

(Woo image from Shutterstock)

@MaryCLong Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.