appssavvy Cuts Deals With Six Vendors

appssavvy, a startup which acts as a rep firm for social media applications, has signed exclusive selling agreements with six fast-growing vendors–including Zynga, which produces a variety of gaming apps including the popular Texas Hold’em Poker 10 Facebook application.

Zynga, in addition to Facebook, produces over 30 different social games for MySpace, Bebo and the iPhone. That collection of games, along with appssavvy’s pre-existing sales relationship with Social Gaming Network (the company behind the hit iPhone game iBowl) combines to provides appssavvy with a significant footprint in the burgeoning  social gaming segment.

In addition to Zynga. appssavvy has signed deals with LivingSocial, which is among the most prolific apps producers on Facebook. The company is perhaps best know for its series of Pick Your Five applications (users name their top five albumns, baseball players, etc). The company claims its apps reach over 31 million monthly unique users.

Lastly, appssavvy has signed deals with Where I’ve Been, another increasingly popular travel app on Facebook, Serious Business, which produces family-oriented apps, the motherhood-centric Web community Circle of Moms, and Poolhouse, the company behind the pet-owner-aimed Dogbook, Catbook and Horsebook apps. 

In total, appssavvy says it can now deliver advertisers a monthly audience of over 50 million unique users.

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