AppSlap: Citia Is a High-Tech CliffsNotes for Business Books [Video]

Citia is a new iPad app that condenses nonfiction eBooks into sharable, 3-D note cards. In this episode of “App Slap,” we take a look at what Citia does with Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly’s latest book, What Technology Wants.

Citia’s editors have transformed Kelly’s masterful book comparing the evolution of technology to the evolution of living systems into a sort of story map that you can read in less than an hour.  You can click through the sections in any order you wish, with videos and other supplementary materials to round out the experience. In the video, you’ll see the interface in action and learn some possible uses for the app.

Created by the New-York based company Semi-Linear, Citia debuted at the D10 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California in May. The company plans to release more titles in the future with publishing partners including Penguin, Perseus, HarperCollins, and O’Reilly. Right now, Citia’s What Technology Wants is available for download at the iTunes store for $9.99.

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