Applifier launches game recording viral Everyplay

Game cross-promotion network Applifier is branching out even farther from banners with a new iOS game recording service called Everyplay.

The idea is to capture that word-of-mouth moment between mobile game players when one person shows another person a game on their phone. At its most basic level, Everyplay records live gameplay clips from within a game that can then be shared among friends — via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. The service can also be used to generate replays of game moments, which could be used by players to create walkthroughs or by developers to display asynchronous game moments like when a rival attacks the player in-game. Everyplay also offers personalized messages sent with the videos, and can edit the video to remove bits or add voiceover commentary.

Videos are initially stored on the user’s device and later uploaded to Applifier’s servers when and if the user shares the clip. The developer sets when the recording starts and stops and the only hard limit is the device’s free disk space. Uploaded videos are tagged with the game’s name and any hashtags the user wants to add. Everyplay is enabled via an SDK that will support Unity 3D at launch with Cocos 2D to follow.

There’s an additional functionality that records users’ faces from the front camera — to really capture that sharing moment — but users must opt into this feature. After doing so, the user can choose to discard the video from the front camera while keeping the audio, which could make voiceover commentary very easy to add.

Applifier recently launched a Facebook-only video ad service called Impact. Everyplay follows on the same principles of Impact by granting games recognition with high quality trailers and game clips. By showcasing the best of what a game has to offer, Applifier’s services hope to drive both discovery and engagement among users on mobile, Facebook and the web. According to CEO Jussi Laakkonen, Impact has already paid out over six figures in revenue (USD) to one unnamed developer for the month of July.

Everyplay’s beta launches today. Interested developers can find out more or sign up here.