Apple Widely Misses Online Rental Target


Apple fell far short of its goal of rolling out 1,000 movies for rent through the iTunes Store by the end of February, according to a CNET News report:

Macworld’s Christopher Breen checked in Friday on Apple’s promise, and found that just 351 titles are available to rent through the latest version of Apple TV. If you check the iTunes Store from a Mac or PC, there are 399 movies available to rent. Breen notes that even if you include all the movies available through the iTunes Store, for both purchase and rentals, there are only 770 available.”

The CNET News article noted that customers are generally pleased with the second iteration of Apple TV, unlike the first model. In particular, folks like the online rental service despite its dearth of available titles. In comparison, Netflix has more than 6,000 titles available for viewing online. However, Netflix has an “awful lot of filler:”

“Netflix counts the 2005 NCAA men’s lacrosse championship game (Go Johns Hopkins!) as a selection, as well as ‘Learn Yu-Gi-Oh!: Level 2: Advanced,’ where you gain insight on how to deploy your Continuous Spell Cards.” So break out your laptop—it sounds like it’s going to be a wild commute home with videos like that!