Apple Tablet Rumor Roundup: Monday, January 11

Start your week our right with a couple of fun Apple tablet rumors. Much of this weekend’s speculation bounces off of CES coverage, as various blogs and columnists compare the gadgets shown off at the show to their visions of the Apple tablet.

The New York Times
, in its CES overview, wonders whether Apple will be priced out of dominating the tablet market: “Apple’s tablet may not end up dominating the emerging market for tablets, as some seem to expect. One reason is price. Analysts think the Apple tablet could cost anywhere from $700 to $1,000. In contrast, the tablet design unveiled by Freescale this week will cost around $130 to manufacture and could sell for as little as $200.”

MacRumors grabs a snippet from that Times article and wonders about the kind of functionality Apple is cooking up for the tablet: “The most interesting report from the article is that Apple is said to have ‘spent the past couple of years working on a multitouch version of iWork’. Such a version of iWork would presumably allow the upcoming Apple tablet to be used for document creation rather than solely content consumption. It would also blur the lines between the functions of tablet and that of a more traditional laptop computer.”

That’s all for right now, but no doubt there’ll be more soon.