Apple Stores to Open Early Today with More iPad 2

Unwired View is reporting that Apple will open its retail stores an hour early today, March 15th. Supposedly the stores will be open with a new stock of the iPad 2, which sold out within minutes when it launched last Friday. While this isn’t an official statement from Apple, you might want to check your local Apple store. This might be your chance to get an iPad 2.

Most Apple stores open at 10am, so this would mean a 9am opening time. But check your local store, if you have one. Not all stores admitted to having more iPad 2 on hand or that they would sell them today.

But I have to say that this does sound real. Apple could be coordinating the sales this way so that they could crowd control. Also, more media coverage of a second bout of queued shoppers for the iPad 2 won’t hurt publicity.