Apple Says: iPhone/iPad Screen (film) Protectors Not Welcome in Apple Stores. Eh???

We’ve seen a lot of puzzling decisions from Apple over the years. But, this item reported by iLouge has to be one of the most unusual I’ve read in a while:

Apple bans protective screen film from Apple Store

That’s right, those tiny thin and usually mostly clear pieces of plastic that causes your palms to sweat and beads of perspiration on your forehead as you carefully try to apply one to an iPhone screen without creating an air bubble or orienting it crooked is no longer welcome in Apple stores.

Of course, you can still buy these protective accessories from elsewhere. But, it is often convenient to pop into a nearby Apple store and pick one up when you current one starts to look a bit worn. On the bright side, you might save a few dollars by buying a screen film from somewhere other than an Apple Store.