Apple reports Chinese Q4 2012 revenues of $5.7 billion — China now 15 percent of Apple’s sales

During today’s Q4 2012 earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the Cupertino, Calif.-based corporation continues to see strong growth in China, reporting the country now accounts for 15 percent of Apple’s total sales.

Apple made $5.7 billion worth of sales in China during Q4 2012, up 26 percent year-over-year. Interestingly, as a whole, the Asia Pacific region saw its sales decline by 3.4 percent quarter-over-quarter, falling from $7.8 billion in Q3 to $7.52 billion in Q4.

Cook called the country “an extremely exciting market with more and more people wanting Apple products,” reporting iPad sales had increased by 45 percent while iPhone sales had risen by 38 percent.

Cook also revealed that over the 2012 fiscal year, China has been responsible for $23.8 billion in sales, a bump of $10 billion in revenue year-over-year.

Cook also added Apple is expecting to launch the iPhone 5 should launch China during the December quarter, a factor that will likely contribute to the $52 billion the company expects to generate during the period.