Apple Removes 2 AM From the Time-Space Continuum

Apple has been known for deleting galaxies from the sky and deleting monuments from famous sites, but today they took a new step towards controlling all of time as well as space.

Gizmodo Australia has discovered that under iOS 6, Apple has deleted 2am and 2pm from the clock. Several Australian iPhone owners reported yesterday that whenever they tried to set an alarm their iPhones showed them 3 o’clock twice but refused to show 2 o’clock at all.

After fiddling with the date some users figured out that this problem had to do with a Daylight Savings glitch. While the US won’t be changing the time for another few weeks, Australia moved their clocks back an hour yesterday.

Hopefully this bug will be fixed in the next few weeks, otherwise I won’t be able to set my alarm to wake me up at the appropriate time to listen to this song.

via Gizmodo Australia