Apple Releases iTunes 11

After announcing a new version back in September, Apple has finally released iTunes 11. The updated store includes new browsing tools, new playlist tools and a tool called, “Up Next,” ¬†which you can use to see a list of upcoming songs and edit what comes next via a drop down box.

The update also makes it easier to sync devices with your computer. When you plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer, an icon for the device will appear in the upper corner of iTunes and you can use this icon to manually add content. The new update also includes a new mini player. This mini player is a small window that you can move around your homescreen. It’s small, but you can use it to skip songs, search for a new song and view what is next.

Apple has also added a history tool to browsing in iTunes, so that you can go back and purchase a movie or album that you were looking at but didn’t buy the first time around without having to search again. (Via Mashable).