Apple Recruiting Video Leaks New iPhone, iPad Mini

The above video was found and posted by 9to5Mac, and it’s getting a lot of attention right now. According to 9to5Mac, if you watch the video closely enough you will see a drawing on the wall that could be (much leaked) the iPhone 5. It shows up on a wall covered in concept designs at about 1 minute into the video. A commenter has also pointed out that later in the video (at 3:00) you can see what might be the new iPad.

While I am pretty sure that the new iPhone and the iPad Mini do exist, I doubt they’re in this video. The first is probably just some rectangular shape printed on a sheet of paper, while the second is just an iPad.

I don’t believe either blurry, vaguely rectangular shape is a new gadget. I think people are seeing what they want to believe, not what’s really there. Heck, we don’t even know what’s really there; the image quality is too low.

BTW, Apple is so secretive that if this video did show something new then Apple would never have let it get out into the wild, or at the very least they would have the video taken down as soon as the new gadgets were identified.

Still, one can dream.

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