Apple Pulled 5000 Sexy Apps & Approved 4000 (unsexy ones?)

YouTube video courtesy of Plymer1258 & (most likely) Desilu Productions

For some reason I imagine little elves, gremlins and other unnamed magical critters staffing Apple’s mysterious iPhone app approval assembly line. Or, perhaps, it looks something like this classic scene with the late great Lucille Ball in “the chocolate factory”. Whatever the case may be, it looks like Apple’s app elves were busy last week. One one hand, they were busy removing…

Over 5000 ‘Overtly Sexual’ Apps Pulled from App Store (And Counting) (MacRumors)

On the other hand, AppShopper reports on…

Friday’s Avalanche of Apps

…with 3945 apps approved on Monday through Friday of last week. I suspect this app whackiness will only increase after the iPad launches.

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