Apple Plans New Joint Venture Service For Small Businesses

Wednesday is the big day for the next Apple announcement and speculation is running high that the tech company is set to announce the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. As we await the formal announcement, news has been leaking about the new products and and the latest is that the iPad 2 will offer a new support plan for small businesses called Joint Venture.

Apple Insider has the news about a secret meeting that was held for Apple retail employees introducing them to the new service that allegedly took place yesterday. Here is more from the story: “According to people in attendance, the meeting’s agenda on Sunday did indeed involve an internal unveiling of the new Joint Venture priority service plan. Sources have told AppleInsider that the plan will cost around $500 a year and will be made available to businesses when purchasing a new Mac. Up to 5 systems will be covered by the plan, though additional systems may be added for $99 a year.”

The plan will reportedly include access to the Genius Bar, for IT services, which could be very appealing to small businesses.