Apple Pay May Not Be the Credit Option of the Future Just Yet

apple pay announcementWhen Apple Pay was announced as the latest technology in mobile payments, the one thing that concerned all smartphone owners was security.

What with breaches at Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, StaplesSally Beauty Supply and more, consumers are understandably hesitant with a wallet in a phone.

Target is still reeling from its Christmas debacle in 2013, so Apple Pay has a large hill to climb.

Thanks to reports of glitches and this dude after the jump who swiped his wife’s card without requests for verification, that hill is quickly becoming a mountain.

According to Consumer Reports, the answer to the question “Does Apple Pay trust your spouse more than you do?” is “probably.”


Watchdog reporter Glenn Derene was interested in the iPhone 6’s ability to scan a card into Passbook and allow you to use it immediately, so he put the technology — and subsequent security — to the test. The question at hand: How easy is it to scan in someone else’s card and start using it without that person’s permission?

Answer: Really easy.

While discussing his own story of using the missus’ card and going on a shopping spree, Derene shares what he dared one of his colleagues’ to do:

“He was able to add her card to his account with no additional verification, and he bought several items using Apple Pay with her card,” writes Derene, adding that the co-worker’s wife did receive an e-mail from Citi welcoming her to Apple Pay and letting her know that she could remove the card from the system if she had concerns.

So, don’t throw away your wallets, purses, and murses (we know metro fellas, it’s a “satchel”). Apple Pay still has work to do before your phone can totally be trusted.

Concerning the PR worm in the Apple, this video is all you need to see for now.