Apple Now Stocks over 700,000 Apps, with 250,000 Just for the iPad

Apple is unveiling the new iPhone today and it’s everything we imagined. But that’s not all Apple announced today. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the presentation with news about iTunes and OSX Mountain lion.

Apple now stocks 700,000 apps for iOS in iTunes, and he also reported that 250,000 of the apps were specifically written for the iPad. Over 90% of all the apps are downloaded each month, with the average owner using more than 100 apps on average.

Tim also boasted about the latest version of OSX, Mountain Lion, is now running on over 7 million Macs. It’s the fastest-selling OS that Apple has ever released – well, aside from iOS it is the fastest selling.

Tim also added that Apple’s laptops have ranked #1 in the US market for the past three months, grabbing a 27% share of the market. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15% growth over last year, which compares well to the PC industry average of 2%.