Apple Now Being Sued Over Siri’s Responses

When does a joke stop being a joke and start being false advertising? That’s what one law student is about to find out.

Pocket Now reported that Sean DeVries has filed suit against Apple. He’s arguing that the cute answers Siri gives in response to some queries can mislead consumers.

Have you ever asked Siri to name the best smartphone?  Thanks to Apple’s sense of humor she will tell you that you’re holding it, but that wasn’t always how she responded. Up until early May, Siri responded by checking online reviews and sometimes even naming a Nokia smartphone as the best.

Apple changed the response in May because of all the blogs covering the story, and in doing so they may have opened themselves up to a lawsuit.

According to Sean, this answer could mislead consumers into thinking that the iPhone 4s really was the best smartphone ever. That is not a factually correct statement so it  really falls under the category of advertising, and Sean thinks it should be labeled as such.

The case goes before a judge next month. It’s not clear yet who will win, but unless Sean can show that he was misled it does not seem like he has a solid case.