Apple Mac Sales on a Tear, iPod Sales Limp


AppleInsider reports that growth in Apple’s personal computer business continued to outpace the industry average last month, with Macs accounting for a 14 percent unit share and 25 percent dollar share of all US-based PC retail sales, according to market research firm NPD.

That’s a stunning 60 percent unit growth over the prior year period, and compares with just 9 percent for the entire PC industry.

Meanwhile, the report said that sales of Apple’s iPod digital media players remain somewhat limp, and just off their pace from one year ago. The iPhone is getting all the press, since it’s basically an iPod and a phone, but we wouldn’t call 10 million units in a three-month-period necessarily limp. All in all, must be welcome news for the folks in Cupertino, who are currently facing another lawsuit.