Apple Leans on Parody Twitter Account @ceoSteveJobs to Stop Poking Fun

With more than 370,000 followers and quotes splashed all over the media, the parody Twitter account @ceoSteveJobs is a mini-celebrity. However, Apple is now asking the account to change its name, image, bio and other feature that tie it to Steve Jobs, as it has received a complaint from either Jobs himself or someone authorized to represent him.

TechCrunch reports that they received a tip from an anonymous source asking to be called “Christof”, which informed them that Apple had received a “valid report” (which is defined as either a notification from the person being parodied or a legal representative) that the parody account was violating its parody policy. This policy outlines what can and cannot be done with a parody account, and specifically prohibits using the whole name of the person or entity you are parodying – which the @ceoSteveJobs does.

Twitter sent an email to the account holder, asking him or her to change the account name, username, URL, bio, background and avatar – basically every element that could associate the account with Steve Jobs.

The account itself tweets pretty blatant satirical comments, but it has, in at least one instance, been confused for the real deal: according to TechCrunch, the Daily Mail had quoted @ceoSteveJobs as the real Steve Jobs in recent months.

Here’s what @ceoSteveJobs has to say about the recent iPhone glitch:

The account has added “parody” to its bio, but has yet to comply with the other requests from Apple.

This request leaves us with a few questions: Could this move indicate that Steve Jobs is ready to get himself a Twitter account? Or is it just that the account was finally put on his radar?