iFail: The New Apple iPad Becomes The Brunt Of All Jokes

While the tech press can’t get enough of the new Apple iPad, the new tablet computer from Apple has become the brunt of all jokes on the internet. To make matters worse, the company has developed a promotional video that is ripe for parody. The primary question that the new iPad can’t answer: why on earth do I need one? As a gadget junkie I kind of want one but there is really no purpose for purchasing one.

Yes, You Can Browse The Internet!!

Watch the video below and you can see the enthusiasm that one of the Apple employees has about browsing the internet on a bigger screen, as if that’s actually a selling point. “It just feels right to hold the internet in your hands as you surf it!” Is he kidding? Not at all! He continues, “With a screen this large, you can just see MORE of the web as you are surfing it.” Sounds like they were out of other selling points.

When I want a bigger screen than my iPhone, I turn to my laptop. While having a computer that is thinner makes a lot of sense, why would you want one that has a substantial amount of lock-in (you can’t make any configuration changes to the operating system, all applications come through the Apple managed iTunes store, etc)?

Twitter is now filled with tons of iPad jokes and “iTampon” has strangely become a trending topic, littered with numerous (often dirty) jokes. There’s also a 2006 MAD Tv sketch that had an imaginary iPad product that females could use (for obvious purposes). I can just see the many new parody jokes that will circulate over the coming days and weeks. The problem with the iPad is not just its name but the fact that you can’t come up with a reason for buying it. iBooks don’t appear to be much different than the Kindle application for the iPhone.

While the interface is clearly better, Amazon still has the ability to make new interfaces on top of their existing digital book distribution system.

Whole New Goldrush For App Developers!

While we don’t know how many iPads will be sold, the product video touts a new gold rush for app developers. We aren’t as convinced but given the wider screen, there’s definitely an opportunity to make new adaptations of existing applications. If you want to build an application that integrates with a camera, you may want to hold off until iPad 2.0, since this version doesn’t have one.

If you want to learn more about the new iPad check out the product page on Apple.