Apple In Talks with McGraw-Hill, Hachette, Maybe Wiley, About Tablet Content

Expect the next week or two to be heavy with Apple tablet news. The really compelling thing, of course, is that Apple is not only adept at making the coolest hardware, but unusually good at curating content for that hardware, something at which other tablet makers in 2010 can’t hope to match Apple. So the rumor is Apple has been in New York this week meeting with the big trade publishers in order to forge content partnerships for the tablet it’s supposed to announce next Wednesday.

According to Business Week, Apple is partnering not only with HarperCollins, but also McGraw-Hill and Hachette. How does Business Week know this? Well, they cite “two people” and “one person” as their sources from the respective companies. Let’s hope these people are being truthful.

Perhaps slightly more revealing is a graph in the same article citing Peter Balis, director of digital content sales at Wiley, who admits to having ongoing talks with Apple about bringing Wiley content to “Apple devices,” though not the tablet specifically.

The moment of revelation draws nearer…