Apple Had Better Hold Onto Steve Jobs

Think CEOs are overpaid? Apparently Apple couldn’t pay Steve Jobs enough.

As this Apple 2.0 blog post reports, Barron’s each year surveys business leaders to “identify CEOs who have top-notch reputations in the financial community and who likely would be missed by investors if they unexpectedly left their jobs.”

Steve Jobs tops the list this year. Barron’s says that his sudden departure would “immediately lop 20 points off the stock price, or roughly $16 billion in market capitalization.”

Lots of people at Apple are involved in the creation of the iPod, iTunes Store, iPhone, Apple TV, and other goodies. But Steve Jobs is heavily involved with all aspects of their design.

And for the record, Steve Jobs collects $1 per year from Apple for his salary. The stock options and the $46 million Learjet he received in 1999 don’t count, of course.

Report: Apple Without Steve Jobs Loses $16 Billion in Value [Apple 2.0]

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